Briard Breeder's "Tips and Tools"
This page is dedicated to providing aid and supplying tips and
tools to Briard breeders everywhere.
Whether you are a 1st time breeder, or, have been at it for some
time, you may find something of use on this webpage.
Any and all of the items within this page MAY be copied and/or
downloaded for your future use.
Certain areas that list or show our personal information within
each document, will be mentioned in reference to each.
Most of these areas have been printed in a
red font, to make it
easier for you to remove or personalize each document for your
own use.
1. Puppy Contract:

If you decide to use Puppy Contracts when selling your puppies, we have supplied a copy of the
contract that we use. This contract states a difference between a "show potential" and a "pet"
quality puppy. Several areas within this contract have been copied from other breeder's contracts
with their permission, and therefore, we will pass on this permission to copy.

All areas of this contract have been approved and/or revised by our attorney, making it a legal
document within our state, the state of Michigan. ( 2 page WordPad document divided for printing)
2. Puppy Evaluation Chart:
If you would like to evaluate your puppies, we have provided the forms that we use on each of our
litters. We evaluate our litters at 4 weeks and/or 6 weeks of age. Certain areas have not been
included within this evalution chart, such as topline, because of each puppy's growth stages -
which may make a weekly change in it's appearance. Both pages needed for litters over 9 pups.
These are microsoft Works documents. (no
red areas within these documents)
Each page contains spaces for 9 (nine) Puppies
3. Puppy Aptitude Testing:
If you would like to have your puppies Aptitude tested, we have provided the forms that we use
with each of our litters. This testing is done when the pups are 7 weeks of age (49 days), never
before this age and never after this age, (reasons provided on instruction page).

There are 5 different pages to this testing procedure. Three of these pages are WordPad
documents, (the instruction page,score definition page and chart). The third set of pages,
(individual puppy test sheets, one set of 2 pages for each pup) are bitmap images.
red areas within these documents)
4. Puppy Weight Chart:
This is a copy of the weight chart that we use on each of our litters. There are spaces provided
for 12 puppies.
We use this chart to record the weights of ALL puppies within each litter, from time of birth until 7
weeks of age. This chart will help with large litters, to make sure that all puppies are growing
equally and will show which pup(s) may need more nourishment. (no
red areas)
5. Pedigree charts:
If you would like to furnish each of your puppy buyers with a copy of their puppy's pedigree, we
have supplied the forms that we use. These forms are available in 2 styles (letter - landscape) of
both cropped Briards and natural earred Briards. (no
red areas)
6. Puppy Packs:
If you decide to supply each of your puppy purchasers with a "Puppy Pack", we have included
copies of 12 pages from the Puppy Pack that we use for each of our litters.  We print out these
Puppy Packs and install them inside of 3 ring duotang folders. (There are several areas within
these 12 pages that contain our personal information, most of which have been printed in
font, two areas have not, but, all are described in detail by each link listed below).
(Our Kennel name, our personal names, address, phone, email and website)
("BriardAcres" in 2 places)
(no red areas)
(one word - Jack)
(not in red, Page 7 two paragraphs at top of page, and mention of our website at bottom)
(page 10 - our phone number)
The instructions, diagrams and photos used on the Ear Gluing pages are a
simplified version of ear gluing to make it easy for puppy buyers.
PAGES 11 AND 12 - microsoft WORKS documents (no red areas)
7. Whelping Tips:
We have one entire webpage dedicated to whelping tips. This page has had thousands of hits,
and most of the comments that we have received came from Sheltie breeders.
8. Puppy Formula & training tips for Briard breeders:
At the top of this page you will find the puppy formula recipe that we use. Below this recipe, you
will find several puppy training tips that we have adopted and use with each of our litters.

Some of these tips have been borrowed from other breeders with permission. We have found
that all of these tips are excellent in producing well rounded puppies with good temperaments,
and have definately helped in reducing the "alpha" puppy factor.
9. Sound Sensitivity Training for Puppies:
Check out information on this CD containing 90 different sounds:
We, as Briard breeders, are NOT preaching to anyone. We have listed these tips
and tools on this webpage in an effort to help anyone that may decide to breed a
litter of Briard puppies. We have personally utilized all of these tips and tools on
each of our litters over the past 14 years, and know that they work well.

We hope that someone, even one breeder, may find something useful within this
page, and that it will help them to produce the best puppies that they possibly can

This is our attempt to help fill the world with more respectable, responsible Briard
breeders, and provide them with a direction to accomplish their goals through the
use of these tips - forms - and tools.
Our names
Our Kennel name
Our state -  Michigan