Sound Sensitivity Training for Puppies
90 different sounds on 1 CD
It is usual for puppy's ears to be open by 3 weeks of age. Commencing on
the 22nd day of life you should make as much noise as possible so that
your puppies will get accustomed to different sounds and loud noises. You
can start off with the usual household sounds like banging pots and pans
together, running the vacuum cleaner, wash machine and clothes dryer,
dish washer, ordinary household sounds that puppies must get used to.

Since there are thousands of noises and sounds that your puppies will
come into contact with during their lives, it is a good thing to try to get your
puppies used to some of these sounds prior to maturing into adults. This
will make them aware of the different sounds and the loudness of these
sounds as they grow up. Getting puppies used to loud noises at this young
age is very important and should help to avoid shyness later in life when
they come into contact with such noises, and they may tolerate the sounds
and may not be afraid of them.
This is why we have developed a CD entitled
"Sound Sensitivity Training for Puppies".
This CD includes 90 different sounds and noises that your
puppies may hear at some point in their lives.
These 90 different sounds and noises have been divided into 6 groups:
01. Circular saw             22. Clock, grandfather         45. Motorcycle #1            68. Cat purring
02. Hand saw                 23. Doorbell                         46. Motorcycle #2            69. Chickens
03. Jig saw                     24. Door open-stairs-close   47. Plane, 747 passing   70. Chickens, baby
Musical Instruments   25. Glass breaking               48. Plane, toy (gas)        71. Crickets
04. Bass drum                26. Phone ringing                49. Police radio               72. Dog bark
05. Cymbal                     27. Tea Pot                          50. Siren #1                    73. Dog growling
06. Drum roll                  28. Toilet flushing                 51. Siren #2                    74. Dog, hounds
07. Organ                      29. Vacuum                           52. Siren #3                    75. Dog, St. Bernard bark
08. Swing music             30. Video game noises         53. Thunder #1               76. Farm Animals
09. Trumpet                   
Outdoors                             54. Thunder #2               77. Frogs
People                           31. Bell, dinner                     55. Thunder #3               78. Frogs, bullfrogs
10. Applause                  32. Car brakes                      56. Train #1                    79. Geese & ducks
11. Audience laughing    33. Car starts                        57. Train #2                    80. Goats
12. Baby crying               34. Church bell                     
Animals                          81. Horse #1
13. Baby laughing           35. Fireworks                        58. Birds                         82. Horse #2
14. Baby screams           36. Firecrackers                    59. Birds, rain forest       83. Horse #3
15. Children's party         37. Fireworks Finale             60. Birds, blackbird         84. Horse gallop-whinee
16. Dog Show noises      38. Garbage truck                 61. Birds, finch                85. Lamb
17. Large crowd              39. Gun shots #1                  62. Birds, meadowlark     86. Pigs
18. Snoring                     40. Gun shots #2                  63. Birds, Owl                  87. Pigs eating
Indoor                            41. Gun shots, handgun       64. Birds, Seagulls          88. Sheep
19. Bowling, strike           42. Gun shots, rifle               65. Birds, Starlings          89. Turkeys
20. Clock, alarm buzzer   43. Gun shots, shotgun        66. Cat                            90. Wolves howling
21. Clock, cuckoo            44. Gun shots, dbl barrel      67. Cat. kittens
(Each of the 90 sounds vary in length from the shortest, 85. Lamb at :04 (4 seconds) to the longest
16. Dog Show noises at 2:15 (2 minutes - 15 seconds)
This CD is offered to breeders as an aid to help introduce your
puppies to many different sounds and noises. We have
incorporated this CD into our training program, so that the puppy's
sensitivity to different sounds may lessen as they mature. Right
now puppies, and someday adults, they may not be as frightened
when experiencing such noises in the future.

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breeders in foreign countries since your sirens are of different sounds.

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