In Memoriam
This page is dedicated to all of the Briards that have shared their lives
and loves with us, here at BriardAcres.
Although they have passed over the Rainbow Bridge, their memories and
their love will always be cherished.
March 17
AKC-CKC CH. Fossebierre de Knollwood, TT, HC:
Born 08March1990 - breeder Linda Knoll
July 4
AKC-CKC CH. Glendrover's Gena de Brylin, TT, HC, CGC, TDI:
Born 20April1991 - breeder Sharon Wise
Dec. 6
CKC-UKC CH. Roi d'Berger's Je l'Lee, TT,HC,CGC,TDI:
Born 12April1994 - breeders J & J Wynne
March 27
Marquise Fauve de la Chaume du Bois Dieu:
Born 23October1996 - breeder Corinne DeBrouwer
Losing our 3 girls in less than a 9 month period was quite devastating.
All 3 girls died of complications from 3 different cancers. Our Ellie's
death was sudden (less than 24 hours from the time we noticed a
problem.) A tumor had surrounded one of her kidneys and it burst,
causing internal bleeding.
Losing a loved one is hard, and losing 3 in such a short period of time
is something we do not wish on anyone.
Everyday we relive certain memories of our 3 girls.
Everyday when I return from work, Ellie used to gently place her feet
on my chest and slowly give me a kiss on the cheek.
Every night when I sit in my living room chair to watch some tv, Jenna
would jump in my lap to play our crashing game where she would
crash her head into my chest. Jenna never would give kisses, but she
showed  us her love in many other ways.
Every night when it was time for bed, Marquise would sit right next to
my bed and bark. She would bark until I scratched her behind the
ears and on her back. If I would stop scratching before SHE thought I
shouldn't, she would again bark for more.
March 10
AKC/CKC CH. Oh Darling du Roi du Berger:
Born 24June1998 - breeders - J & J Wynne
Our Darla, born in the "O" year and named after the Beatle's song "Oh
Darling", has a special place in our hearts. When someone would visit our
home, Darla would never bark at them without first running throughout
the house looking for a stuffed toy to grab in her mouth. She would only
bark with a toy in her mouth.
Darla and I always played a game of tag in the backyard. She would run
toward me, let me touch her, then she would run around the yard waiting
for me to catch her - touch her - then begin all over again.
Darla left us quite suddenly, the vet thinks that she ate something that
had blown into our yard, such as a battery. On a Friday morning, she
started to foam at the mouth and had a "tick" where she would shake her
head from side to side momentarily. After rushing her to the vet, Darla
would NOT let him look into her mouth, clamping shut ! !
Finally on Sunday she would let the vet look inside her mouth. Her throat
and tongue were very red and the vet thought burned, like from
something caustic like a battery !!! Since we never leave batteries laying
around, I immediately took our metal detector and went through every
square inch inside and within 10 feet outside the fence.......Nothing !!
Because of pain from her mouth and throat, we had to let her go that
Tuesday morning. When posted, her tongue, throat, stomach, and some
of her intestines were red and again the vet called it burns.
Taken from us within a few short days, we will always remember my little
"tag" buddy and her peculiar way of greeting our visitors with a toy in her
Memories are a good thing. They will never let you forget the love
that was there, or with whom it was shared ! ! ! !
June 26
CH. Tresor de Brie Damien's Venture, ZS
Born: November 22, 2004 breeder" Eva Hankasson
with Emma
Tribute to
Tribute to
Oct 15
July 23
UKC GrCH./AKC CH. Ante Up du Roi du Berger
Born: November 23, 2005, breeder Janice White / Jan Wynne
AKC-UKC CH. Angelique du Roi du Berger
Born: November 23, 2005, breeder Janice White / Jan Wynne