Malachi - Page 2
Mali and his "best buddy" like to play
alot, BUT - the doxie police make
sure that they don't get too wild ! !
"Hey bud ! It's my 1st night in my new
bedroom, let me get used to it - then I
might let you spend the night ! !"
"Everybody listen up.  Now you know the rules. First, no rolling in
anything dead..."
Mali enjoying the lake by his new
home, along with a family member, an
elderly OES
Malachi's new family consists of many adopted
pets, two  OES - Mopsy (10 yrs) & Prissy (12 yrs)
the English bulldog, Toosie, he's 3yrs.  The dachshunds  the red one, Big Trig, is our
alpha dog, he's 10yrs, and the cream one, Mo Fritz, is 7yrs.