Am. Can. CH. Glendrover's Gena de Brylin, TT,HC,CGC,TDI,
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Gena awarded 1st Place in 9 to 11 year Veteran Sweeps at BCA National 2001.
As several people have mentioned, Gena was a Once in a Lifetime Briard. On May 18, 1992
when she arrived at her new home in Michigan, no one could have imagined what this little tawny
girl would go on to become and/or accomplish.
Gena in 1992 and Gena in June 2004, 2 weeks before her passing.
At the age of 13 years 2 and 1/2 months of age, Gena was still beautiful and still maintained
her excellent movement. No one can ever take away her beauty nor her achievements over the
years. Gena was truly, a once in a lifetime companion.

    These photos of Gena were taken in June 2004, approximately 2 weeks before her death.
Upon returning from the vet's office, where Gena's remains were cremated, the following message
was sent by email to relatives and some close friends:
It is with deep sadness that we make this announcement. BriardAcres is now down to just 3 furry females.
Today, Sunday July 4, 2004, Jenna lost her battle with cancer. The last few days have been really hectic.
Jenna stopped eating and no one received much, if any, sleep. Although she is not with us any longer, her
memories will live on forever. Not to mention the tons of photos.

Jenna accomplished many things in her 13 years 2 and 1/2 months:
Number 1 Briard in Canada - 1996
Number 17 Briard in U.S. - 1996
4 National Award of Merits
Best Veteran at Canadian Briard Club Specialty - 2001
Best Veteran in Show - Hochalaga Kennel Club - Canada 2001
Best 9 - 11 Veteran Briard Club of America - 2001
Produced 26 puppies (8 shown- 6 champions)

She will be with us forever.

With deep sadness,
Jack & Jan Wynne
The following are internet responses to the announcement of Gena's death.
7-5-2004 (private)
Oh my god Jan I am so sorry for you two. As you know I have been whelping pups all day yesteray and
did not have time to call. If you are superstitious one life ended and several new ones came to life.
Maybe their spirits crossed in the heavens. Sincere sadness for your loss. Linds

7-6-2004 (private)
Dear Jack and Jan,
Our deepest condolences on the loss of Jenna, In time the good memories will overshadow the recent
loss. I hope they will comfort you, there seems to be quite a lot of special memories just of her "official"
accomplishments! I'm sure there are many more "unofficial" accomplishments as well that are special to
you. Again, we are sorry for your loss.    Briardly, Jim & Diane Stephens

7-6-2004 (private)
So sorry to hear about Jenna. I know words don't help at this time, but remember the good times you
had with her.
I think it sad we always seem to out live out dogs but then along comes another and we got hooked all
over again.
Linda Fox, Nikki, Tyler and Ro, Tori and Abby

7-6-2004 (private)
Hi Jack & Jan,
Lindsay let us know about Jenna, we are so sorry to hear it. She did live a long & winning life.
Her/Heather had some fun together!! You have alot of good memorys, so do we.....Take Care.    Daisy &

7-6-2004 (private)
Dear Jack and Jan - I'm so sorry to hear about Jenna. She looks so beautiful in that photograph. She was
truly special and I know you are heart broken. It's always difficult to say goodbye no matter what the
circumstances, but when they've been with you so long and been through so much with you, it's
especially hard to let them go. So my thoughts and condolences are very much with you at this time.
Linda Bullard

7-7-2004 (posted on briard-L)
We would like to offer our sincere condolences to Jack and Jan Wynne on the passing of...Am/Can Ch.
Glendrovers Gena de Bryln CGC HC TT Therapy Dog. Gena was Best Veteran in Canada two years ago.
Gena will always be remembered for never having met a stranger.
Sharon Wise                 Natalie Casci

7-7-2004 (private)
Dear Jan and Jack,
My deepest condolences to you and all who knew and loved your Gena. I pray your pain is soon
replaced with all the warm and wonderful memories of her life with you. Sincerely,  Deanna Vick

7-7-2004 (private)
Dear Jan and Jack,
My sincere condolences for the loss of your beautiful Gena. How so very difficult for you it must be. I
know how important she was to you both. She has probably found Fozzie up there and together they run
on the clouds. May the many wonderful memories she leaves behind comfort you and bring a smile to
your face.  A big hug to you both.      veronique

7-8-2004 (posted on briard-L)
Janise and Jack-
So sorry to hear about the loss of your wonderful girl Gena. She was one of the nicest Briards I have
ever seen!  Hugs to you both and know she is in great company now!!
Marsha and the menagerie

7-8-2004 (posted on briard-L)
We would like to pass on our sincere condolences to Jan and Jack Wynne on the passing of Gena, the
Family and Friends of Mary Novak, and Mimi and Dick Long on the passing of Jilli. These passings are a
loss to the world of Briards and Briarders everywhere.May all of you find comfort in whatever it is that
helps you and hug all of your Briards and family members and friends extra tight this week.Take an extra
minute to show your appreciation for life.
Coleen and George LeFeuvre
7-8-2004 (posted on briard-L)
I think that George says it all. Thanks George. Jean & Manny Littin

7-8-2004 (forwarded from Janet)
Also if you speak to Jan and Jack, let them know how sorry we are for the loss of Gena. She had a long
and great life but it is so sad to loose them. She was 2 month older than Galinette. Pascale

7-8-2004 (posted on briard-L)

7-8-2004 (private)
Jan & Jack,
I am so very sorry to hear you lost your beautiful girl Gena. No matter how long we have them in our
lives it's never long enough.
How lucky she was to have shared her life with you. . .no one could have loved her more.  Our thoughts
are with you. . .
Mike & Flo Wise

7-8-2004 (posted on briard-L)
My deepest condolences to Jan and Jack at the loss of their wonderful Gena.Because of her, I have
Phoebe who, like her grandmother Gena, has never met
a stranger. I shall miss her in the Veteran's classes! Belated congrats to Mary Weir and her amazing
herding girls! Way to go. I echo Judy's response - can't wait to watch 'em work at the Specialty.
Nancy Biller

7-8-2004 (posted on briard-L)
sorry to hear about Gena and Jilli...I hope memories sustain the emptiness.   mary weir

7-8-2004 (private)
Hey, . . . . . I was very sorry to hear about Gena. I gave mom pic #1...her new email is I'll give her this one, too. She's beautiful.   dw

7-9-2004 (private)
Dear Jack and Jan
Genna was a once in a lifetime dog. I know how you must be feeling right now. My heart goes out to you
and you are in my thoughts and
prayers at this very difficult time
Hugs to both of you
Shirley & Doug

7-11-2004 (private)
Jack and Jen,
I have been planning on writing to send you our thoughts and shared sorrow on your recent loss of
Jena. I hate writing these and always feel so clumbsy in my words. I enjoyed seeing her at teh last
canadian national we attended. She was a grand ole gal and I know personelly how much she will be
missed. In loving memory of all the special ones ( Iota and Filou) as well as Jenna.       Karen Westerholm
and Beth

If Steve Davidson had not asked me to take over Briard Rescue, I would  not have been the person that
answered the phone the day that you phoned Briard Rescue. It was pure luck that it was me. And after
hearing Gena's pedigree, she was truly a dog that I wanted for myself. We offered and did purchase
Gena from you, telling you not to place her nor give her to rescue. It all was above board and an honest
deal. No praise is needed to us, in fact, it is Jan and I that are deeply and truly grateful to have had Gena
as part of our lives.

There was not one day that passed during her life with us, that Gena was not in my lap at least one time.
We had our little games that we played. She used to crash her head into my chest and sometimes my
adam's apple. She did not like whispering, so I would purposely make whispering sounds in her ear. She
did not like it when after Jan groomed her, I would make a fuss over how pretty she looked, so she
would rub her head on all of the furniture to mess it up. I would smooth it out and say to her not to mess
it, and then she would start the rubbing again to mess it up again, and so on.

Gena used to hit the refrigerator several times with her tail, so hard and so often, that the sore would
not heal totally. This is where she received the nickname 'Thumper'. We also called her Gena Bear
because we already had a Fozzie Bear.

The memories are many. And she did have a long and fruitful life, and it was her time. But ! I am not
ready to let her go. I am having a real hard time with her not being here. I will never be the same. Thank
you for letting us have Gena in our lives. She will always be our beautiful girl,  

Farewell...............not Good-bye !
Am. & Can. Ch. Glendrover's Gena de Brylin, HC, TT, CGC, TDI
American Champion (AKC), Canadian Champion (CKC)
Herding Certified, Temperament Tested,
Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog International
certified therapy dog.
To My Beloved Jenna

The lap you used to occupy,
Yearns for our frequent play.
But God had different plans for you,
He's taken you away.

From the hospitals to playgrounds,
Your visits were quite fun.
But all of this has ended now,
Your time on earth is done.

The broken hearts, the emptiness,
Will never pass I fear.
We really miss our Jenna girl,
And wish that you were here.

You loved your life and everyone,
No matter who they were.
The memories you left behind,
Still nothing but a blur.

We need our little Jenna bear,
To help us through the night.
To take away this emptiness,
Make everything just right.

The life that you have shared with us,
Was filled with joy and love.
So brighten up these darkest days,
By watching from above.
7-12-2004 (private, response to my thank you)
It wasn't hard to come up with nice things to say about such a nice girl! She was one of the best I have
ever had the pleasure to have known! I am sure she and Larry are having a nice time in dog heaven! He
always knew which ladies to chase!!
Marsha and the menagerie

7-13-2004 (private, on inside of sympathy card rec'd in mail)
Jan & Jack
Was SO sorry to read of the loss of your beautiful Gena. May the wonderful memories of her bring you
some relief and happiness as your heart heals.
Kathy Lanam

7-13-2004 (private, on inside of sympathy card rec'd in mail)
Thank you both for providing Gena with the opportunity to become all that she was. Jack & Jan, you are
to be praised for opening your home and hearts to this special girl who needed a home. You went the
extra mile for her as she did for you, and I feel blessed knowing Gena found such a wonderful home. My
thoughts are with you.  Love, Sharon