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Visit a wonderful International Briard website
Complete with an International "Rainbow Bridge"
(for all of our loved ones that have passed over)
Briardworldnet created by:
Heike Trozzo & Thomas Quadt
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Jack & Jan Wynne
Roi de Berger
Briard Caricatures
in Heaven's Acres
Our Pups
Our Current Briards:
UKC-AKC CH. Elusive Lacy du Roi du Berger
UKC-AKC CH. Cartier Monzerat Hermione
UKC-AKC EGrCH. Jase Noir du Roi du Berger
Home of Roi de Berger Briards, producing Champion & Grand Champion Briards since 1990.
Our Briards that have passed:
AKC-CKC CH. Fossebierre de Knollwood
AKC-CKC CH. Glendrover's Gena de Brylin
AKC-CKC CH. Je l'Lee du Roi du Berger
AKC-CKC CH. Oh Darling du Roi du Berger
UKC CH. Marquise Fauve de la Chaume du Bois Dieu
UKC GrCH-AKC CH. Ante Up du Roi du Berger
UKC CH. Tresor de Brie's Damien's Venture, ZS
Briard Acres feeds:
"Roi de Berger" pronounced Raw dee Beer shay, is french, meaning
                      King of Shepherds
Stories of previous Rescued Briards
For the 1st time in the 120 year UKC history, a Briard as made it to
the Final Round in the year end Top Ten Best of Breed competition.
That Briard, AKC GrCH UKC GrCH Jase Noir du Roi du Berger. At the
2018 UKC Premier Show.
AKC-UKC CH. Angelique du Roi du Berger
Bripeds is a page
showing 4 different
Blank Briard
Pedigree Forms,
2 for cropped ear
2 for natural ear
French in the early
1900's, each year
has a certain letter
to present each
puppy born within
that year. This page
explains how to
determine the letter
for any given year,
and also lists
several examples of
names for each
letter used in this
naming process
If you would like to get in touch with us,
Please email us at:
From the 1800's to 1990. Many of these
photos were scanned from old magazines,
and may not be of good quality.
UKC CH. Narcissa Gris du Roi du Berger
Rowena Fauve de Classic Acres