North American Briard Club
Book of Honor
The North American Briard Club "Book of Honor" is dedicated to our
membership's Briards that have earned UKC titles.
Any Briard can be included within a volume of this book after earning a title. A
Briard earning a title does NOT automatically include this dog, the owner must
fill out an application and submit this application with a color photo of the dog.
Information on what is needed as info and color photo perimeters are listed
within the application.
Below, you will find a link to download an application.
Each volume of the "Book of Honor" will be 60 pages, for 60 Briards.
And each volume will be chronological order according to the dates that each
title was achieved, from the earliest to the most recent.
Each volume of the "Book of Honor" will be professionally published, hard
cover bound in dark blue leather with name of book printed in gold on cover.
Each volume of the "Book of Honor" will be priced at $30 each. Every time we
receive 60 applications, a new volume will be printed
Every printed volume of the "Book of Honor" will be available for
members to order through this webpage.
Up to 2 titles can be included on each page. You may also submit each
title separately with a different photo for each title.
Here is a template showing how each page will look.