CKC - UKC CH. Roi d'Berger's Je l'Lee, TT, HC, TDI
April 12, 1994 - December 6, 2004
"Don't Worry Be
Seemed to be
theme song.
June 2004
Ellie, out of our first litter, received the following Rassemblement ratings
1995 BCA Rass - Excellent (16 mos., too young for Pre-Select*)
2000 BCA Rass - Excellent / Pre-Select
*(according to Rass judge Romplemen)
1995 BCA National - Reserve Winners Bitch (entry of 77 bitches)
Sept. 2004


10-1/2 Years
1996 - Mother Jenna gets BOB and daughter Ellie gets WB
Ellie & Darla Wynne - Dallas & Flower Couture
Below are photos of some of the Beautiful Briards
in ELLIE's & DARLA's Pedigree
Ellie was very outgoing. She greeted every one
she met with a big kiss, wanting to play. Born
with a very long tail that almost touched the
ground created her 1st nickname of
She loved her visits to hospitals to provide
therapy to patients, learning how to be a real
"ham" at putting her head on the bed with a look
of pity while staring at the patient waiting for a
Everyone that met Ellie will remember her as
being the sweetest Briard that they have ever
met, showing everyone what LOVE means,
waging her tail so hard, her whole rear end would
Ellie was also a wonderful mother to every dog.
June 2003
Ellie - 5 months
Sept. 1994
Ellie & Marquise
(Marquise 6 months)
April 1997
Ellie - 22
monthsFeb. 1996
Ellie & daughter Darla
(Darla 3 months)
Sept. 1998
Our Ellie is featured on the International Rainbow Bridge
Grandeur de Lindeau
Lindeaux Bergere Charmante
l'Ourson Sumtin' Special
Chateaubriard Risque
10 Yrs.
(Halloween 1998 = Bride, Groom, Flower Girl & Matron of Honor)
Photo Taken
Day Before
BCA Rass 2000
Two years before becoming a mother with pups
of her own, when we returned with our french
import Marquise, Ellie took her in and protected
her from other dogs and taught her true Briard
They were inseparable, doing everything
And now after 8 years of never being alone,
Marquise is lost, she does not know where Ellie
went. She does not know what to do. Her spirits
are all but gone.
So Jan and I are not the only individuals that are
totally devastated over Ellie's sudden death. So
full of life and so loving, with no health problems
to hamper her speed or agility, right to the end.