CH. Tresor de Brie Damien's Venture, ZS
Imported from Sweden, breeder Eva Hankansson
Before there was "Grumpy Cat",
in March 2005, we had our 4 month old
Everyday he would go to work with Jan
to her grooming shop. There he would
greet each customer by jumping up on
the half door between the shop and the
lobby. Most of Jan's customers would
expect this everytime they came. In
fact, some of the elderly customers
would return later in the day with their
grandchildren to meet and play with
Damien. One elderly woman that owns
Briards, asked Jan to let Damien into
the lobby so she could play with him.
Upon Damien running into the lobby to
meet her, he jumped up on her and
broke one of her ribs. She was not
mad or sorry, she loved it and did not
complain at all.
Those that have met Damien, know
that he loved every person and every
dog that he met during his life. Most
people that met him, could not move
because Damien would sit on their
feet, look up at them to be petted or
scratched behind his ears. They could
not move or go anywhere, so what was
left to do ? ? ?
He was also good at herding, having
never participated in such events. On
the left you will see a photo of Damien
herding a neighbor's Guinea hens that
got into our backyard. He herded them
up and moved them down the fence to
the corner and kept them there.
At our vet's office, when we would go
there for pups or whatever, several of
the techs would ask about Damien,
how he was and what was he doing.
This happened all during his life. He
was loved by most people that have
met him.
Although he was one of the largest
Briards that we have ever seen, he had
the best temperament of all Briards
that we have met in our over 25 years
in the breed. Never a mean word
toward anyone or anything, he loved
all he met.
Jan's customers ask about him when
they do not see Damien greeting them.
Several people that never met him, and
heard about his size, and have seen
photos of him have commented that he
was not only large - but beautiful.
Damien had no problem getting his
UKC Championship, and 13 points in
the AKC, before he grew large.
However, with our dogs doing so well
at UKC shows, he never finished
Damien's AKC Championship..... sorry
big guy.
He is, and will be missed by several
people that have met him, including the
vets and techs at Pondview Veterenary
Clinic - which sent a wonderful
sympathy card with most writing a
note inside about our Damien. This
also includes his family - Jan and I, his
daughter Lacy, his grandson Jase,
Emma, Cagni and Gambler.
His presence is still felt, he is watching
over his family and we talk with him
daily. We have his ashes and his pig
tails as keepsakes.
Thusfar only friends and family know
of his passing, we have not made any
public announcements, nor will we.
The last photo on the left is of Damien
with Emma when she was a pup.
Damien would play with her and they
were good pals. Emma knows
something is different around here
without him, but I am sure she does
not know what it is - it's just that
Damien is not here to fuck with her.
Comical in nature, at everything he did,
his whimsical presence is already
missed beyond belief.
Some of Damien's habits are already
being seen through his grandson Jase,
and we hope that this will continue
thoughout his life. The legend MAY live
on thru Jase his grandson, which we
are hoping it will.
Damien was not just a dog, he was an
entity. His antics had to be seen and
experienced as to understand his true
personality. Those that did experience
Damien, know that he was a wonderful
clown at every moment and at
everything he would do. Sometimes, he
acted normal, enough so to get his
championship, which still amazes us.
He thought about everything. The
photos to the left show this. He would
stare at you for moments, then get up
and act upon his thoughts. Usually he
would sit on your feet, go between
your legs or lean on you.
Damien never did like being around
puppies. From our 2005 litter, 2009 and
our 2014 litter. However ! When the
last litter reached 9.5 weeks of age,
Damien gave in and decided to play
with his daughter's pups. We have a
video of this.
You can see this 53 second video on
You Tube by clicking link below:
To see video of Damien
playing with pups