This page features blank "Briard" pedigree forms. They are offered
here, AT NO CHARGE, for anyone that wishes to use them.
From single Briard owners to breeders, these forms may be saved to
your hard drive for use on your personal dogs and/or for entire litters.
I personally have designed these pedigree forms so there are no
copyright issues involved.
Once you have saved a blank "Briard" pedigree form to your hard
drive, you will be able to print them out using your printer.
These forms were sized to fit on 8-1/2" x 11" paper with 1/2" borders
on all four sides.
There are at least two options in using these blank forms:

# 1 - is to print them out and fill them in by hand.
# 2 - is to open them in your computer's Windows
"Paint" program and type in dog's names
on each blank line.
(for older versions of Windows, you may have to change the form's
extension from ".jpg" to ".bmp" in order for it to open)

Blank "Briard Pedigree" form # 1 - MUST be printed using the
"portrait" setting on your printer.

Blank "Briard Pedigree" form # 2 -
MUST be printed using the
"landscape" setting on your printer.
The blank "Briard Pedigree" forms on this page
cropped ear Briards. The page 2 link
below contains blank forms with
natural ear Briards.
# 1 - blank Briard Pedigree - 720 wide x 950 tall, file is 53.1 kb
# 2 - blank Briard Pedigree - 952 wide x 678 tall, file is 41.8 kb
All of these forms can be used to continue each
pedigree for as many generations as you would
like. Form # 2 is already set up for this
Save a copy of this pedigree form to your computer.
Save a copy of this form to your computer.