Aaron (now Hank)
(white collar)
at birth - minutes old
at 1 day of age
at 2 weeks of age
3 weeks of age
at 3-1/2 weeks
4 weeks
at 5 weeks of age
at 6 weeks
at 6-1/2 weeks of age
7 weeks old
at 8 weeks
at 10 weeks of age
7 months of age, at the Echo Hills shows in Troy, Ohio 6-18-06
Adie & Aaron at shows in Indy = Feb 2007 - Aaron 14-1/2 months
Due to circumstances beyond their control, Adie and her family had to let
Aaron go to another home.
So, as of 18 January 2008, Aaron, now Hank, has arrived in his new home
in Texas, living with his brother Gus.
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